Ulysses “Bud” Bush Plaque is Home!

In recent years, no one person has done as much for Henry County genealogy/family history than Ulysses “Bud” Bush.  Bud saved old courthouse ledgers full of early county history and brought them to the Museum for safekeeping.  He then transcribed the hard-to-read handwriting, typing it up and binding it into books or publishing it on his website, www.HCGS.net, to share with anyone tied to Henry County.  He studied all Henry County cemeteries and visited each one of them, compiling records of headstones and burials and history of the land.  He abstracted old newspaper articles, pulling family names and making the information searchable on his website.  Thanks to the efforts of Mark Sean Orr and many others, Bud’s memory lives on at Memorial Park as a bench overlooking the Blue River Valley.  A beautiful kelly green plaque now resides at the Museum in a most appropriate place, the Clarence H. Smith Genealogy Library, a perfect reminder of Bud’s hard work, and the hard work of genealogists before him, and of those who realized the importance of his work for future generations!

Bud’s plaque is just to the right of the window, situated among the courthouse ledgers and the every-name card catalog index.