HenryCountyINGenealogy Group

Have you ever wanted to discuss genealogy/local history with others interested/passionate about Henry County, Indiana? A new online group has been created stemming from our Facebook group. This group is a cross between a forum and email listserv. It’s free to use and easy to sign up. Plus, there are thousands of different groups that you can join that align with your other interests.

Our new group is at Groups.io. Join below!

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  1. Nancy Corder Halvorson -

    How can I learn more about a malaria outbreak that occurred 1830 in Fall Creek Township ? Many of my ancestors died in 1830. One family line lived in Fall Creek. Township. Most were Quakers who attended Fall Creek Meeting House.

    Where can I find historical records that can confirm their attendance and their deaths. I am looking for records for Corder, Reese, Hiett or Hiatt Families.

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