Family History Day 1!

Our last drawer from last week:




Did you know that October is Family History Month?  Did you also know that the Henry County Historical Society and Museum has a stellar genealogy library containing much history on local citizens?

Don’t know where to start researching your family history?  Start with yourself!  A pedigree chart is very helpful in recording the vital statistics for yourself, spouse, parents, grandparents, etc.  You can do this on paper or use genealogy software.  This helps show you the information you don’t know and where you might start your research.


Pedigree Chart to print


Example of my pedigree in RootsMagic7.

If you have ancestors in Henry County or think you may have some here, check out our Family File Surname list!

Surname Index


  1. Julie Mooney - Reply

    Years ago I contacted your group and was given the name of a person who had don a family history of Reuben Morris of Henry County. I am a descendant of Reuben Eldon Morris who migrated to San Francisco in the 1850’s. and started the 1st coach routes in the area, likely with an inheritance from his father. I did receive a copy of the will but have lost all contact information. Any assistance you can provide would be very helpful. I am interested in coming t your next Family History Day and hopefully meeting other relatives. I live in Burlingame, California a suburb of San Francisco and there is much history of Reuben Morris documented in this area. See San Mateo County First Families project etc.. Thanks in advance for your response.

    • HCHS - Reply

      Hello Ms. Mooney and thank you for writing! We are closed for the months of January and February to revamp our exhibits, hence, the slow reply. I am a volunteer and Board trustee. I will check our genealogy library this weekend and forward any information to your email. Thank you again for contacting us! 🙂 Amanda Clark

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