Board and Staff

Henry County Historical Society Officers & Board of Trustees

Gene Ingram – President
Kathy Rogers – Vice President
Vickie Graham – Secretary
JoAnn Edwards – County Funds Treasurer
Jeff Ray — Society Funds Treasurer

Richard McKnight – Trustee
Ann Rockwell – Trustee
Richard Bouslog – Trustee

Staff Members and Volunteers

Kaye Ford, Executive Director

Kaye is a born-and-bred Henry County native.  Her love of words and research led her to a 20-year-long career as a certified medical transcriptionist at Henry Community Health.  Her passion for genealogy was ignited by her late aunt, Julia C. (Ballard) Melton.  In 2013, she began volunteering at HCHS and transitioned into her second career as a professional genealogist.  Becoming Executive Director of HCHS was a natural fit, a combination of a lifelong love for Henry County and a dedication to advancing professional genealogical standards.  She lives to learn something new every day!

Summer Jones – Staff

Elizabeth Edstene – Volunteer
Gene Ingram – Volunteer
Ann Rockwell – Volunteer
Mary Nichols – Volunteer
Jeff Ray – Volunteer
Mitch Soliday – Volunteer
Bernice Stacey – Volunteer
Kaye Ford – Volunteer
Barry Edstene – Volunteer
Jessica Shields – Volunteer
Mark Watson – Volunteer
Nick Clark – Volunteer
Mary Price – Volunteer
Sandra Pickett – Volunteer
Pat Carter – Volunteer
Duane & Ruth Brammer – Volunteers
Kathy Watterson – Volunteer

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  1. Keith Buckley - Reply

    Hello– my name is Keith Buckley. I have been to the Henry County Historical Society several times to do research on the Redding, Cosand and Needham-Grose families. I recently stumbled upon a master’s thesis written by Benjam Badgley, with whom I corresponded while he was on your staff. In his these he mentions a 90+ page manuscript about the Redding family, written by the daughter of Thomas B. Redding. I am very curious to know if that manuscript exists anywhere. Do you have current contact information for Benjamin?

    My own research is on Thomas R. Reding, a gravestone carver who lived and worked in Salem, Indiana. I wrote a book for the Indiana Historical Society about Reding in 1984, and have continued my research ever since. While I was on sabbatical, I determined that Thomas R. Reding carved several stones in the New Castle area, and that his brothers, Iredell Redding and Michael Redding lived in the area. I believe Iredell is the link between the T.R. Reding tombstones in New Castle. I even located a fragment of a stone in McDaniel Cemetery which Thomas carved for one of Iredell’s sons who died in infancy. I only mention these connections as I would always be happy to give a presentation on Reding for your group once the pandemic is over. I have made similar presentations at Indiana University, the Washington County Historical Society, the Lawrence County Historical Society, the Tippecanoe County Historical Association, and the annual meeting of the Indiana Genealogical Society.

    Keith Buckley

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